Do The Hardest Thing First


Hello Again! Welcome back to Case of the Somedays

I’m a big list maker. Most chronic procrastinators are. We makes lists, we feel good about putting it all down on paper, then we cherry pick the easiest things to do first. That way we can satisfyingly cross something off that list sooner, thus inducing the “Oh well look at that! Look I’ve already gotten three things done! I deserve a break. Little snack, little Netflix..” At that point you are pretty much done for. Suddenly it’s 5pm, everyone is home from work and dinner is on and the moment has been lost. The bulk of your to-do list now gets carried over to the next day. The anxiety of having not gotten the really heavy pieces on your list cleared off weighs on you. Sleep can be fitful.

So I say to you what my Mother and other legends have told me for years: “Just do the hardest thing first, trust me, then the rest is pie.” So today I made my classic Monday morning to-do list. I put the heavy item at #3. After completing the list I reviewed how I had ordered the items and how telling they were of my actual intentions. #3 means, I should do it but not right away cause it is too..(scary, annoying, lengthy, insert your own word here). However the thinking about leads to scheming ways to avoid doing it while still feeling good about yourself. The cherry picking begins.

What we also fail to factor in is the emotional trauma we are causing ourselves by not truly getting that which causes you anxiety off the plate. Anything you do manage to get done while avoiding the big things seem tawdry in the dim light of a halfway completed list. I know, I’ve traveled there so many times. So once again I said “Frig it #3 just became #1!”. And I did it, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, which it generally never is. So please join me. Get shit done and feel better today!