StumbleUpon, Procrastination and Amazement.

StumbleUpon is great. You load it up with your interests and off it skips and jumps across the internet landing on anything and everything. It can be a parade of puppy videos, vivid mountain photos and knitting tutorials. Or you can focus in on a specific interest and just skip around on that. Problem is you can sit and click and time can get away from you. So, it may sound silly but I limit myself to 30 clicks every time my mouse wandered away from the important. If I don’t find anything interesting to read or peruse in 30 clicks then I stop and get back to work.

But there are amazing things out there and if you don’t know how to find them then I suggest downloading the SU toolbar. I thought maybe I would just share some of the almost life altering stumbles I have been on.


 This is truly incredible! You must check it out! –

This video is incredible.

This video is great for the aspiring female traveller. I really think this type of purse is better at helping you blend in in certain countries. Much better than your super teched out hiking backpack, at least in my opinion. 😉


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